Warehouse Storage

A warehouse might need to store building materials that weigh significantly more than other supplies. Conventional racks might be able to bear the load if the metal is thick enough, but they might have the disadvantage of the heavy product not being accessible by a forklift. The advantage of cantilever racking systems is that they are both very strong and have free space for forklifts to take the materials.

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A cantilever is the type of industrial rack that looks like a construction bar rising vertically and then other h-bars bolted to the side in order to create perpendicular arms. This type of frame is very strong because of the thick metal that is also shaped the same as construction beams. The arms usually do not have bars running between them to form a shelf but instead, lengthwise products are held in the cradle of the arms.

Most products cannot be stored this way because they need to sit on a flat surface that supports the weight of the packaging. Some products can be stored this way, including wooden beams and metal sheets. The types of materials suitable for cantilever racks are usually stiff and able to bear their own weight as well as the weight of other materials on top of it.

Some products benefit from having support near the middle while others can be successfully held by only two arms. The choice depends on the strength and longterm fatigue endurance of the material. If storage will make the product sag over time to the point of permanent deformity, then the product needs extra support or else has to be flipped periodically.

Whenever a cantilever rack can be used, it is often preferable to do so. The lack of a rack surface means that the products have no support in between arms and so the load can be easily taken and moved by a forklift. Without a cantilever, the product would have to be balanced on a pallet, which is hazardous and unnecessary. Heavy materials should be directly supported as much as possible.

The second advantage of a cantilever is that there is only one row of support beams that are in the middle. This means that two shelf spaces are available, one on each side. As long as the weight threshold is respected, this is a lot of storage capacity for a simple design. The minimized use of metal means ease of repair as well as reduced cost for each rack.

Cantilevers can be joined by bolting strips of metal between rack sections, and very long rows can be made from modular sections. This type of versatility scales up to meet the needs of a warehouse for a very long time, and damaged sections are easily replaced by interchangeable beams. Since these racks are simple and durable, they last for a long time.

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